im danielle
I'm a software engineer, public speaker, meetup organizer, graduate student, and open source contributor that is based in New York City.

postDecember 22, 2020

building a monorepo with yarn package manager 2

In true JavaScript fashion, there was no shortage of releases in the JavaScript ecosystem this year. This includes the Yarn project’s release of Yarn 2 with a compressed cache of JavaScript dependencies, including a Yarn binary to reference, that can be used for a zero-install deployment.

postDecember 4, 2020

celebrating 25 years of javascript

JavaScript turns 25 years old today. While it’s made an impact on my career as a developer, it has also impacted many developers like me and users around the world. To commemorate our favorite language, we’ve collected 25 landmark events that have shaped the path of what the JavaScript eco...

panelOctober 24, 2020

Women Who Code Los Angeles Network is collaborating with Women Who Code NYC Network to celebrate Hacktoberfest 🎃 with a panel of open-source contributors and maintainers.